Get your tinfoil hats! New tinfoil hats for sale!

Every time I get so cynical as to believe I’ve seen the depths to which US politics can sink, I assure myself that shortly, a new low will be coming along.

Apparently, things we do not now know but soon will about Sen. Barack Obama include:

· That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.

· That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.

· That while serving as a state senator, he was a member of a socialist front group.

· That his affiliations are so dodgy that he would have trouble getting a government security clearance.

· That there is reason to doubt his “loyalty to the United States.”

And where do these clue challenged people come from? In this case, “somebody’s basement” is an accurate response. America’s Survival, Inc. (just think! a group dedicated to the country’s survival! they must be legit!) meets in the basement of Ebenezer Coffee House in Washington, DC in order to ferret out every ephemeral connection to Sen. Obama they can find.

How, you may reasonably ask, do they go about doing this? I am hesitant to posit a guess because frankly, it hurts to try to force my mind through the mental gymnastics these people must employ in order to reach their frothing, fear fueled conclusions, but here is my take: they reach their conclusions and then find a connection, no matter how tenuous, to make that conclusion possible. It doesn’t have to be true. “Maybe” is good enough for these people. And before you know it, Barack Obama is a Marxist fascist Islamoterrorist. I love that new last word, by the way. Islamoterrorist. Because “terrorist” just isn’t good enough; we have to pound home that Muslims are a special brand of terrorists, far worse than those wussies in the IRA or the KKK or any other group that thinks attaining political goals through terrorist tactics is simply the best way to get things done.

My eyes are already rolling at the prospect of how much muck will be thrown this election cycle. Wear your slickers, kids. It’s going to get a lot uglier before it gets better.