I’ll take “Made up religions for fifty, Alex”

A tenet of atheism is that no religion is sillier than any other. But atheist though I am… I have to disagree with that statement. Let’s take, for example, Scientology.

Maybe this is how all religions start. Who am I to say? Maybe back before there were publishers, there were out of work story tellers who thought “y’know what? I need a paying gig. I think I’ll start a religion!” And BOOM! Athena was born. Or Odin. Insert god[dess] of your choice here. But you have to admit, there’s something rather….okay, I’ll say it…snarkworthy… in the fact that Scientologists founded their religion on the works of a failed Science Fiction writer.

I used to laugh every time Dianetics was advertised. Every year there was a new version. Every year, I’d snicker to myself “Are they high? The guy’s DEAD! Are they getting this new improved edition from beyond the grave?” Which was not nearly as sad as the people who would buy new copies every year. Names have been withheld to protect the gullible. And me.

And what is their obsession with entertainers? Okay, granted, the rest of us are fascinated by entertainers as well, but really! They seem to hone right in on franchise entertainers, using other A listers to do their recruiting. And don’t even get me started on Tom Cruise. Finding out he’s the CoS’ “chosen one” must’ve sent him right over the edge from massive ego trip to unchecked megalomania faster than you can say “thetan.”

And now Will Smith, who I used to quite like, is starting a school based on their teachings. It is to sigh. And roll one’s eyes. And generally think “holy crap, what’s next? Jesus Camp wasn’t bad enough?”