The world fails to come to an end.

All across California, couples are preparing to marry. The only thing new and different about this is the fact that both participants in these weddings are of the same gender.

And yet….the streets have not run red with blood, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have not appeared, two headed goats have not been born, and Godzilla is notable in his absence. People who have celebrated their fifth or fiftieth wedding anniversaries are still just as married and committed, and their unions are no more or less strong than they were before the decision was handed down by the state’s (Republican) Supreme Court; a decision as ground-breaking and ethically and morally right as the banner decision to allow inter-racial couples the right to marry, on which this decision was based.

That said; the fight is not over. Religious and conservative groups have promised to take this to a Vote in November. But the tide is turning. A majority of California voters now support gay marriage, and Attorney General Jerry Brown has refused to ask for a stay on the decision til the voters go to the polls in November, saying that

“Such an action would be tantamount to putting the (ballot) initiative into temporary effect more than five months before it is even submitted to the electorate,” he wrote. “The court would … set a dangerous and highly questionable precedent were it to manipulate its own processes to accommodate a political interest.”

We are living in momentous times. We are watching history take place. Let the conservative groups howl and whine and try their scare tactics. The culture of hate and fear is finally being rejected. I have yet to hear a reasonable response to the question “How will your marriage be made less because of someone else’s?” The challenge still stands. How can your marriage be made less secure, less meaningful, less real because of what two other people do within theirs? And if your marriage is truly so frail that it cannot withstand the love and commitment made by two other people you’ve never even met and who don’t even know you exist….then maybe you shouldn’t be married to that person anyway.