Diabetes and ignorance

This morning in a rather unfocused online debate (yes, yes, when will I learn?) a rather silly assertion was made that Type I Diabetes was caused by Type II Diabetes and it’s all because of the hormones we inject in our meat and the junk we stuff in our faces. Sadly, this was not the first time I’ve heard this comment.

For the record: Type I (or Juvenile) Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder which destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas, whereas Type II Diabetes is a resistance to insulin, or the body’s inability to produce enough insulin.

It is interesting to note that people diagnosed with Type I Diabetes are often otherwise healthy and their dietary intake is not remarkable for high amounts of glucose. Type II Diabetes is often associated with obesity and inactivity.

There is no cure for Type I Diabetes. It is an insidious disease which, while not fatal, contributes largely to other disorders such as End Stage Renal Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, retinopathy leading to blindness, and neuropathy. “Eating right” will not stop it or slow it.

Why am I going on about it here? Well, quite frankly, I was hoping at least a few people would read this and say “Oh! Did not know that. Good information to have.” and not assert that all Diabetes is the same and it’s caused by the way we eat. Because really? The meme’s getting old.