Enough of the whining!

Yesterday, the DNC met and came to a decision as to how to split the delegate votes for Michigan and Florida. The decision? The delegates will be seated at the convention in Denver come August. The compromise? Each vote will only count for half.

Obama supporters can protest and state that neither state should count, but the fact remains; those voters are important, and you don’t win elections by snubbing large groups of people who may very well vote for you come November. Clinton supporters can protest and state that she should carry both states on her own, but the fact of the matter remains; were the forementioned “don’t make where you eat” rule not in effect, those delegates wouldn’t be seated at all.

Florida and Michigan broke the rules by having their primaries early. I don’t disparage the reasoning; being from California (the most populous state in the nation and higher in contributions than just about every other state), I get bored with our primary votes being nothing more than a blip on the radar. But when you put aside emotion it still comes down to this: they didn’t submit their changes on time and the primaries should not count. Were this election not viewed as so crucial and so close…they probably wouldn’t. Half a vote is better than none. Your vote will count…completely…in November.

It is time to stop whining and move on. There is an election coming up, and this is just the ramp up. If the Dems cannot come together and fall behind one candidate, we will once again suffer a defeat in the general. Conditions being what they are, I cannot believe we would squander our best chance in 8 years to gain the presidency because we get so caught up in petty squabbling. Put it aside. We have bigger fish to fry.