Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Fox News reaches new low.

Racism and sexism all rolled into one! That’s right, in a move that can only be called breathtakingly stupid, Fox News actually put up the headline “

Outraged Liberals: ‘Stop Picking on Obama’s Baby Mama’

There simply aren’t words. Really. First we have Liz Trotta smirking that someone should “knock off Obama,” then there was the “terrorist fist jab” (really, that is my absolute favorite. Oh, you silly, silly white people. You couldn’t get any more racist without joining the KKK). Now Michelle Obama will heretofore be known on Fox News as Obama’s Baby Mama.”

Fox News has finally joined the ranks of the National Enquirer. It seems they’re aiming to come as close as possible to calling Obama an “uppity nigger” without using the actual words. The racism has become more and more rampant the closer the election gets.

Tim Russert has died.

I’m going to leave this in “uncategorized”…certainly there are plenty of blogs recognizing the passing of Tim Russert. I, like those people, simply felt I could not allow the occasion to go unnoticed.

While CNN & Fox News battled back and forth for ratings and outrageous stories, Tim Russert and Meet the Press (and later, as bureau chief of MSNBC) went competently and quietly about the business of analyzing what was really happening inside Washington DC politics.

Anything I say at this point would merely be reiteration. In an arena that now screams partisanship, his objectivity was a welcome relief. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.