Faith linked to IQ?

Gotta love The Register. University researcher Richard Lynn is trying to draw a direct correlation between intelligence (or lack thereof) and religious faith.

Lynn pointed out that most children do believe in God, but as their intelligence develops they tend to have doubts or reject religion. Similarly, as average IQ in Western societies increased through the 20th century, so did rates of atheism, he said.

It’s a bold statement, and I’ll be interested to see the follow up to the assertion. I admit that the first things I look for in posts by religious adherents are poor grammar and spelling; it seems inevitable.

There is no doubt that there are people who are both religious and intelligent. The doctor’s statement, however, looks not at individuals, but larger numbers; higher IQ generally speaks to an inquisitive nature. Religion requires faith without questioning. When the word “why” is discouraged, so is learning.