British Anglican Church’s First Gay Wedding

The first full wedding ceremony for a gay couple was held in London’s Anglican Church; both grooms members of the clergy. Rev. Peter Cowell & Rev. Dr. David Lord were married last month at St. Bartholomew the Great Church.

Rev. Martin Dudley stood in direct defiance of the bishop guidelines, saying:

“I know about the bishops guidelines and I disagree with them. It just seems to me to be utter hypocrisy to deny the fact that there are significant numbers of gay men and women within the church and significant numbers of gay clergy.”

Now more than ever, various religions are being faced with the fact that members of their faith are gay, and those people no longer feel the need to hide their relationships as if they are something shameful.

If religions are to continue to retain congregations and grow, they must recognize that societal mores change over time as our views of what constitutes a person or a relationship changes.

The main issue I have always had with religion – not belief, but religion – is that it attempts to freeze society in a set of rules that applied well to a certain period in history, but which no longer fit as we’ve advanced scientifically and technologically.

So many things we do now would be considered “not what god wants” from a strictly scriptural standpoint. Marriage, at least according to the bible, used to mean anything up to a man and a hundred women, some of whom were as young as 12 years old. That’s changed. So I’m thinking this “one man, one woman” idea is something that can be negotiable as well, and the insistence on it is really just the “ick” factor that certain people are unable to get past.