Help, Help, I’m being oppressed!!

I like to consider myself a reasonable person (doesn’t everyone?). I like to think that most things can be resolved by sitting down and being direct and honest, even if that honesty makes you somewhat raw. Unfortunately, I’ve found that few people are honest with themselves about their actual motives, much less to others. As a result, justifications are made, and the equivalent of putting one’s fingers in one’s ears and screaming LALALALALA at the top of one’s lungs is performed in a large majority of internet debates in which one group simply wants the same rights as every other group on the planet. How is this accomplished? I have a couple examples. After trying to have reasonable, intelligent discussions with idiots that wouldn’t recognize an intellectually honest debate if it sat on their faces and wiggled this weekend, I got frustrated, threw up my hands and said “screw it.” Which for me, is something, as I try to see everyone’s point.

Let’s start with atheism. I apologize to all the Brits, New Zealanders, Irish, Indians, etc… I am going to speak directly of my country’s rights. It is, sadly, one of those American tendencies to not see beyond our own borders. So. Sorry. Anyway. In this country, the country of the “free,” it is up to every citizen to what religion they wish to subscribe. If that citizen decides, through whatever mechanism, that they are an atheist…SO BE IT! That does not make you more moral or more deserving of rights than that person. And while it was semi amusing to see the 85% majority of this country (Christians) go on about how repressed they are just because there are now enough atheists and people of other religions that they have to recognize that everyone else has the exact same rights as they do, it’s starting to get old. Suck it up. It’s in the Constitution. Everyone gets treated the same UNDER THE LAW. No, that does not mean I think everyone is the same. It means just what it says. The law says everyone gets to worship however the hell they want and you can’t treat them differently because of it. Period. You are not being repressed just because Wal Mart greeters say “Happy Holidays.” No, you’re not. No, you are freaking well NOT. It means Wal Mart recognizes that not just Christians shop there and they want those people’s money, too. That’s it. Wal Mart is not your special friend. They’re a retailer. Get. Over it. Don’t like it? Here’s an idea. Take your wallet somewhere else and vote with that. That’s what capitalism is all about, after all, and this country is about nothing if not commerce.

Moving on. Gay marriage. Unpucker your sphincter. Are you gay? No? Then it has nothing to do with you. No it doesn’t. No. It really doesn’t. And don’t you dare try to tell me two people you have never met and will never meet as long as you live conducting their boring-as-everyone-else lives 1500 or however many miles away from you have any effect whatsoever on your marriage, because that’s crap. They want the same rights as you, and y’know what? They’re as much citizens as you are and there is no legal justification you can come up with for why they shouldn’t. The slippery slope doesn’t work, because there are already rules against children marrying, no one is going to marry their cow, because a cow cannot give consent, same thing for a piece of farm equipment. YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO ADMIT YOU’RE A BIGOT! TOUGH!! YOU ARE! Everyone is, in one way or another. YOU are not being put upon or repressed in any way just because gay people want to be treated the same by the law as everyone else.

HOLY CRAP, PEOPLE! Shut the hell up and worry about your own damn lives, already. D’you know what moral judgments are? They’re justifications for saying you’re better than someone else. Oh, yes they are. Knock it off. Want to make the world a better place? Concentrate on what YOU do.

Okay. I’m done ranting.