Whee! I’m a danger to myself and others!

Or at least, my opinion is. I wrote a rather light hearted post about gay marriage, and how really, what marriage means to us has changed over the years, even from what it meant from a purely scriptural standpoint. That point, of course, was ignored. The fact that Solomon had more wives than he could count and religious groups now want to insist that marriage means “one man, one woman,” never mind what the Bible says, was covered up faster than a certain preacher’s drug fueled same sex dalliances in Denver. Mmmm, hypocrisy! It’s what’s for dinner!

I have been lectured and pointed back to Leviticus, that great book that tells me how often and where my husband can beat me and how I should treat my Canadian slaves (because you can only get slaves from neighboring countries), and how I should be stoned for wearing a shirt that’s made with a poly-cotton blend. My assertion that all Christians pick and choose what parts of the Bible they feel are applicable? Lost. Ick factor? Justified. The most complimentary thing said about me is that I’m English (I’m not~ Californian, in fact, but I’ll take the compliment).

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

Thank you for your concern. But I suggest you follow the teachings of that man you say you revere and remove the plank from your own eye. And while you’re about it, remember that whole tolerance message he tried to send.