Anglican church recognizes women as human, ice rink constructed in hell.

In a move sure to inflame the Christian world, the Church of England voted down traditionalists’ handwringing and acknowledge that women are capable of leadership.

A code of practice has yet to be fully explored, but will not satisfy the demands of traditionalists and conservative evangelicals, who had formed an alliance to block consideration of any such code.

The Bishop of Winchester, Michael Scott-Joynt, condemned the final vote, taken after amendments had been tabled and rejected, as “mean-spirited and short-sighted”. “The manifest majority was profoundly short-sighted. At every point it could have offered reassurances, and it did not do that,” he said.

Get OVER yourself, Bishop Scott-Joynt. And then kindly explain how it’s short sighted to include half the population. Or are you actually submitting that women simply cannot be as holy as men?

As an atheist, I can quite honestly say I find the debate absolutely anathema; I simply do not understand the uproar. It seems clear this is blatant sexism. What possible reason could the synod bring forth to uphold such an outmoded practice? And in a tactic that has become all to familiar to this atheist when dealing with Christians, they fell back on the victim card:

He echoed the sentiments of the Bishop of Dover, the Right Rev Stephen Venner, who was in tears after he made a speech, imploring the pro-women lobby to show some generosity.

“I feel ashamed. We have talked about wanting to give an honourable place for those who disagree, and we have turned down almost every realistic opportunity. We have not even been prepared to explore the possibility of fresh expressions of dioceses or bishops. And still we talk the talk of being inclusive.”

No, you idiot. It is YOU who is being asked to be inclusive. Refusing to allow women is EXclusive. You can disagree all you want, but it still comes down to sexism.