Rove refuses to testify. Shocked and appalled I’m not.

Karl Rove, Machiavellian slime ball extraordinaire, refused to appear before a Congressional hearing this morning based on….wait for it…executive privelege! I wish I was joking.

That’s right. Mr. Rove is so sure of his place (and rightly so, Bush isn’t going to let anything happen to his beloved Fartblossom) he’s actually stating that he is on the same level as the unitary executive and immune from such silly things as Congressional subpoenas. Enough, already. Send the Sargeant at Arms and frogmarch his ass over to the nearest available jail cell for contempt.

It must be said that it’s intolerable that a man who finds it perfectly acceptable to punish people for imagined wrongdoing considers himself above right and wrong. For over seven years now, we have forgotten the second word in the term “public SERVANT.” Mr. Rove is responsible for helping to pull down most of the foundations on which this country was built. Because of him, historians will point to this as the most disastrous presidency in our history (yes, I know about Buchanan, Harding and Pierce; all richly deserving of the term “some of the worst”….and NO, none of the Presidents since Truman fall under that category with the possible exception of Nixon, but even he was useful…opened up China).  Because of him, there is a trench deeper in this nation than has existed since the Civil war. He has put us on the path of our own destruction, and for that he deserves not an inch of leniency or mercy.