Death of a Blog

It’s always distressing to see it happen. You sign in, you blog a bit, you hit a few links on your blog roll…and it happens. You get a page saying “the author has deleted this blog.” Puts you off your stride some.

I was more than a little disappointed to find that one of my favorite blogs, Odder Stories, had been deleted. There had been no lead up post saying it was about to be deleted, it just wasn’t there anymore.  

I always wonder about the reasoning behind it. There aren’t many who actually bother to say why. One exception is Skepdude, one of my favorite bloggers, who kindly went out of his way to say that he just didnt feel he adds anything original to the blogosphere. I realize this is entirely a subjective opinion, but I disagree. He may not have been saying anything different per se, but his approach was extremely fresh. Intelligent humor combined with calm reason are in short supply here on the web, so I hope that at some point, he’ll start writing again.

 I think it’s easy to become frustrated. Blogs don’t get the kind of traffic we’d like them to have, we start reading through some of our posts with a critical eye, thinking….”does anyone actually care about this dreck I’m spitting out?” and we start to wonder if it’s really wirth the effort. My unequivocal response to that angst ridden question is YES. I started a blog not to get traffic or get recognized or get discovered….I started it to write. Isn’t that the reason most blogs are started? Because we believe we have something to say. It’s not always popular or pretty or even well expressed. And sometimes, it’s just to say it to one person. But it is always worth it.