But I don’t WANT to worship the Constitution.

Today is Giggle-at-the-absurdities-inherent-in-your-philosophy Day. Apparently. I’m not sure how else to interpret the argument I had earlier with a question begging troll. And yet, I kept going back. Entirely my fault for feeding the blasted thing. Assertion: The Constitution is my god, because atheists have to worship something whether they acknowledge it or not and if I follow the law then I worship the Constitution and it’s my god.

Yes, I see your eyebrow raise in much the same way mine did. But he was serious. I think. It was difficult to tell exactly, as his grammar and sentence structure were so horrid.

Tangent: WHY is that, exactly? Why do so many religious adherents, regardless of religion, have such horrible grammar and diction? Is it a prerequisite? Is there some sacred law that was written after I left the church that instructs all believers to be as unintelligible as possible? People! Your arguments are reduced to near worthlessness by your inability to express them in a clear, concise manner. You complain about what your kids aren’t learning in school; you may want to worry about their English skills before protesting for religious classes./tangent

Where was I? Oh, yes. The troll….er….true believer who seems bound and determined to convince me that, even against my will, I believe in god.  That whatever higher power I hold dear, it’s god. I have to admit, this is a new one on me. I’ve never had anyone assert that, being human, I *must* believe in something, and that thing is god, because that’s what natural law is. 

I haven’t replied to his latest post yet; I’m simply agog that all he did was C&P his original post to me without actually addressing any of the points I made (the US Constitution being laws made by and for men being chief among those). I get the impression that he thinks if he just keeps repeating himself over and over, he’ll wear me down and win. To brighten your day, I’ve included his post below.

 I understand your need for cognitive dissonance against that which you do not believe. The fact that we are all considered equal comes from the Authority of God and that is where the equality concept came into being for the United States of America. Yet! If there is no god/s then there is no higher authority that will hold us all equal and accountable. If you hold to the law of this land then to recognize equality of being is to also recognize that there must be an Authority to hold all accountable. So even if you don’t believe in God then the law of the United States is your god.

Lovely, huh? If anyone speaks fundie and would like to advise me as to how I can combat this (logic isn’t working), I’m open to suggestions.