Frog on a cross! Or: The pope has no sense of humor

Pope Benedict XVI may not know art, but he knows what he likes. And he doesn’t like this frog. For obvious reasons.

A reasonable person might just look at it, chuckle and roll their eyes. A reasonable person might see the whimsy and the message the artist was trying to convey. No one has ever accused Pope Benedict XVI of being a reasonable person.

No, the holy father went straight to angry and offended and actually had the balls to DEMAND (in caps and italics, yet) that the Musieon in northern Italy remove the sculpture at once!! Didn’t work. The museum rather gleefully thumbed their nose at the Vatican and left the piece out for all to see. Good on them.

So, you ask, cringing a bit….what’d the pope do then? Well, the only thing he could do. He jumped up and down (careful like, so as not to break his hip), screamed, pouted, ranted, raved…and then issued an order that no Catholic is to enter the museum while the frog is on display.

Really? Really?!? I mean….it’s a frog! It’s holding a coffee cup and an egg, its green tongue is lolling out and it’s plastic, for cryinoutloud! It’s funny! And I’m sorry, but it isn’t as if Jesus Christ was the only person ever crucified. It’s not as if he had a corner on the market. He was just the most famous guy ever to get nailed to a crossbeam is all. The Romans were pretty hot for that particular method of making examples of their political enemies. The pope needs a little perspective.

So…my advice to you, if you happen to find yourself in the vacinity of the Museion, is this: go see the frog. Ignore the whiney, petulant overly histrionic noises coming from the guys in dresses and funny hats. Life is short. May as well enjoy it.