Hamlet 2; now with SEXY JESUS and protests at a theater near you.

I’m sure most of you consider this utterly predictable by now. Hamlet 2 has seen some protests.

This always mystifies me. Why, why, WHY would anyone protest a movie? And why on earth, if you want something to NOT be seen, would you show up and cause a media circus? Don’t you know you’re generating free publicity for the movie? The best way to discourage a film is to simply not go to it. Don’t hold a protest, don’t make a cassus belli on the internet, just IGNORE IT! Like your television and shows you don’t like….if people don’t watch, they don’t get revenue.

While you’re at explaining that, could you also explain why it’s not okay to make fun of religion in ONE STINKING SCENE, but movies that show graphic violence are perfectly okay? Let’s take Passion of the Christ. People, it was nothing short of a snuff film. That’s right. I said it. A snuff film. And “Christians” were taking children, some as young as 6 YEARS OLD! This is the vision they want their children to remember of their savior? Those kids are going to be traumatized for life. I can only imagine the nightmares. 20 freakin’ minutes of beating. These are the same people who wail and bemoan the fate of their children just because Janet Jackson showed a nipple on national tv for a tenth of a second. But watching a dramatization of a man being beaten to death is perfectly okay. So long as it’s in the right context.

One of the posts from the thread I just linked (okay, all of them) made my eyebrow raise some. The posters there are actually trying to liken a for profit movie shown on privately owned property to  first amendment discrimination, saying it’s equal to government employees being told not to lead others in prayer.

I’ve been having this same argument, over and over, for a couple weeks now. Some people simply do not get it. They really see no difference between the two. Moreover, I don’t think they WANT to get it. *sigh*…. is there anything that DOESN’T offend them?

Personally, I can’t wait to see Hamlet 2. Was giggling and snerking at the trailer (you can see them all here) in ways that caused the other theater goers (in Texas, mind you) to turn in their seats and scowl at me. My levity was not appreciated. Will report back, although thus far, I’m reading only lukewarm reviews.