Palin Pregnancy Part Deux; Bristol pregnant (again?)

Gov. Palin released news today amid a flurry of blogosphere rumors (ncluding my own) that her son Trig was actually carried and given birth to by her 16 year old daughter that Bristol is 5 months pregnant. This should go far toward quelling those rumors, provided that the five month estimation actually holds out to be true.

For my own part, I can quite honestly say…this speaks way more to my earlier post than anything else thus far. John McCain has clearly not comprehensively vetted his VP choice. A pregnancy of five months is not a surprise. A VP candidate with this many issues at home…A Down’s Syndrome child, a pregnant unmarried teenager who hasn’t even graduated high school…is too much grist for the mill in an election year in which the Republicans are barely managing to keep pace in the polls. Make no mistake; the question is not “Why isn’t Obama way ahead of John McCain?” The question is “Why isn’t McCain, the elder statesman, the one with all the experience, knocking it out of the park?”

Sarah Palin, for the good of the party, should decline the nomination. She has an excellent reason for doing so, one with which no one would take issue. But to continue and accept that nomination forces John McCain into the uncomfortable position of attempting to continue with a trainwreck of a VP candidate, or rescinding the nomination. Neither are a good option. Should Palin decline the nomination for the reason of “continuing to be governor of my great state while helping my family through a trying time….” everyone would not only understand and accept….they would likely support her and reinforce support for McCain.