“How can you be so mean? Where’s your tolerance?”

It’s a common refrain of late. I hear it a lot; usually uttered in tones of offended self righteousness. “All you Liberals talk about is how enlightened and tolerant you are and look at the way you’re acting!”

My response? Why should I? Really. I’ve tried the whole reaching out thing. Over the past eight years guess what it’s netted me from conservative counterparts? That’s right. Laughed at, jeered at, called names and belittled. So frankly, I fail to see why I should continue to attempt to make inroads and offer a stretched out hand if it’s just going to be slapped away. I’m getting a little bored of my tolerance not being tolerated. The only reason you want it now is because your nuts are in a vice and you stand a good chance of losing congress altogether (NO.  A 30% lead in the house and 49-49 in the Senate does NOT put the Dems in charge) and losing the presidency.

And I tell my compatriates the same. Do not pity. Show no mercy, for it is sure you will receive none. Such is the mentality one needs to face the GOP and its smear machine. I used not to feel this way, back when the GOP actually had some morals and integrity (that would be pre-Bush I). I used to be able to find middle ground with conservatives. Let me clue you in: they don’t want it. They want everything to go back the way it was when they controlled Congress and Monkey boy was re-elected.  The only way they can get it is if they convince us we’re going to lose.