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Joe McCarthy Is Alive and Well and Reincarnated As A Representative From Minnesota

Representative Michele Bachmann allowed her mouth to run away with her good sense this last weekend. On Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show Hardball this past Friday, Rep. Bachmann called on the fourth estate to investigate members of Congress for “anti-American views.”

Let that sink in for a minute. Now wiki Joe McCarthy or McCarthy era if you’re not already familiar. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.

…… lalalallalalalalaaaaaalalalaaaaa…oh! Hi! Back? Scared? Yeah, me, too.

This is the reason it is so very dangerous for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin to NOT correct their supporters… hell, why it’s dangerous for Sen. McCain to not correct his RUNNING MATE!…. when shouts of “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” and “Who is he really? are heard at his rallies. When the anonymous members of crowds feel safe to say such things in public without reprisal, it escalates. People feel comfortable asserting such things, even when they’re either not true or wildly dangerous.

A United States Representative actually endorsing a return to a time in which people were jailed, ruined publicly, forced to move their entire lives…not by a burden of proof, but rumor, innuendo and guilt by association.

Rep. Bachmann’s irresponsible comments both terrified and angered me more than I can say. How DARE this woman define what is and is not American with such a narrow scope? How dare she imply that anyone supporting Sen. Obama is un-American? I am embarrassed. I am saddened. I am shamed that anyone with such ignorance of one of the darkest chapters of our political history has been elected to represent a constituency in our national government. And I am deeply worried for my country; a place I love so much that I dedicated four years of my life to defending it so that we can all exercise our rights.

There is no place… no city, no town, no burg… “less American” than any other place. We ALL love our country. We are all proud of our country. We all want a better place for our children. To imply otherwise is no more than reinforcing the trench that was dug 8 years ago and has not been healed since.

I strongly encourage everyone reading to sign the petition to censure Rep. Bachmann.

McCain Lies at 54 and Counting….

A rather industrious website has sprung up called “McCainpedia.” It has a fact checker showing how many lies and distortions John McCain has told about himself, his running mate, and Barack Obama. It’s currently at 54. When it reaches his age, should we throw a party?

Why Palin is All You Hear About, or Is That You, Karl?

Has anyone noticed that we’re not really hearing from or about John McCain anymore? Just his “handlers.” We don’t really know what his campaign is about; everyone is too wrapped up in all the juicy details and lies about his supposedly “fiscally conservative” running mate. Can it be you’re not wondering why yet?

The answer is fairly simple. Karl “Fart Blossom” Rove, Machiavellian slimeball extraordinaire, is playing no small part in the McCain campaign. As I predicted back when he “retired”, there was simply no way the man would be able to stop himself from returning for the presidential race. Rove is many things; stupid is not one of them. He’s well aware that the best way to lose this election would be to allow John McCain to run on the issues. What he needed was a running mate. One who could capture the heart of the American conservative base (aka: sheeple) while reeling in some of the disenfranchised middle. Enter Sarah Palin.

Really, it was a stroke of brilliance on Rove’s part, one which woke me up to the fact that McCain has now completely abandoned his core principles. There is no way John McCain would have harped about Barack Obama’s lack of experience for months and months and then turned around and chosen someone so completely lacking themselves. But John McCain is no longer calling the shots. In desperation, he swallowed what was left of his pride and turned to the man who, with lies and distortions, torpedoed his 2000 presidential run.

In return, Rove has delivered. I’ll say this for the man, he knows what people want. An uplifting, heartwarming story. A pretty, plucky small town girl working her way up from beauty queen to reporter to politician, all while raising a family (the Down’s Syndrome kid must’ve been what sold it). Make sure she’s an outsider, so the “maverick” label will stick. Any character flaws or issues can be waved away as “sexism,” thanks to Hillary, or “elitism” thanks to Pat Robertson.

As a result, we have been concentrating on Sarah Palin. Who won’t even be president, should she and McCain be elected. John McCain has sold out every standard and principle he once held for himself and himself alone. He has aligned himself with the people he once denounced, although those people have not changed.

Let us be clear. Karl Rove does not care about the country, about the people his candidates claim to want to help, or about ethics, responsible government or transparency. Karl Rove couldn’t bring himself to care about anything but winning.The fact that the evangelical base has forgotten all about the false promises of Rove of 2000 and 2004 (remember way back to 2006? Y’all weren’t all that happy with the man.) and have duped themselves into believing it all over again. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me 200 or so times, just shoot me, I’m too stupid to live. The fact that these same people are actually lining up to be fooled says something about the American right that I don’t even like to look at too long for fear it’ll rub off.

If Barack Obama has been paying attention at all for the past eight years (and I have to assume he has, although you never know), he will NOT underestimate the depths to which Karl Rove will sink. And he’s going to have to do something that, thus far, he has tried to stay above. He’s going to have to fight fire with fire. It’s going to be ugly, it’s going to get very, VERY dirty. But no less than the fate of our country hangs in the balance. And in the end…Karl Rove needs to be tried for treason.